Colourlock Leather Preserver


Elephant Leather Preserver is a technologically advanced product developed by NZ and German leather technicians that nourishes and revives oiled or waxed furniture leathers. It is excellent for protecting/waterproofing bags, shoes and motorcycle-leathers and for restoring antique or brittle leather (used by museums in conservation and preservation). The product is now sold in over 20 countries in Europe and Australasia.

Elephant Leather Preserver is based on 100% pure synthetic ingredients, is chemically neutral, is free of any animal fats or acids, is practically odourless and is easy to apply. Elephant Leather Preserver inhibits chemical reactions caused by salt water and helps waterproof leather while allowing leather to breathe. Mildew and bacterial growth are also prevented. Dried out leathers regain their elasticity and fresh appearance.

Following an application of Elephant Leather Preserver, new leather is protected against drying and cracking. Unlike other products that aim for short-lived protection, Elephant Leather Preserver conserves and above all preserves the life of leather.


Elephant Leather Preserver should be applied to leather with a soft, clean cloth. Using a circular motion, work the Elephant Leather Preserver into the article. To enhance the penetration of the "Elephant" into leather articles, the item can be slightly warmed to aid penetration.


Excellent for the removal of scratches and fingernail marks on waxed, oiled or pull-up leather furniture. Feeds, nourishes and revives faded colours and dyes.

Excellent waterproofer for bike jackets and leathers. Leather dress jackets, skirts, trousers etc. Softens, conditions, preserves, also inhibits mildew and prevents thread-rot.

Bags and Shoes:
Waterproofs, softens, preserves and inhibits mildew and thread rot. Also revives dull, faded colours. Ideal for tramping boots, sports boots and all leather articles exposed to wet weather or the marine environment to minimise salt damage to leather. Independent trials of Elephant Leather Preserver on boat-shoes worn by professional yachtsman have been shown to last up to 3 times longer.

Excellent restorer/softener of hardened and dried-out older car leather. Great for convertibles.

Note: Elephant Leather Preserver is not suitable for use on suede or nubuk.

Pack Size:

105 g and 45 g containers


Colourlock Leather Preserver      105 g & 45 g


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